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Team Ranking #74
Elo Score 1500
Debates 2
Win Ratio 50%


This is a team for people interested in debating progressive causes -- overturning Citizens United vs. The Fec; combating income inequality and climate change; promoting gender and racial equality; supporting government investment in infrastructure, education and science; guaranteeing equality to gay Americans, et al. -- especially those who see themselves at odds with the "establishment." If you, like myself, find yourself aghast that the Democratic Party is ready for a coronation ceremony for corporatist Hillary Clinton, this team is for you. As my username suggests, I'm a strong supporter of Keynesian economics, so a number of debates the team will partake in will involve tax rates, spending, monetary stimulus, etc. The emphasis will be on data-driven, empirical and logical reality -- not fairy tales about how amazing the "invisible hand of the mystical free market" is.

Founder: JohnMaynardKeynes
Members: JohnMaynardKeynes, admin, SteveHawkins, Tajshar2k


JohnMaynardKeynesJohnMaynardKeynes (Founder)
Average Elo Score: 1581; Average Debates: 37

Status Updates

Progressives: Somehow, JMK has added me to this team 3 times. I'm looking in to closing that bug.
2014-03-19 18:02:09
Progressives: This is actually my first test of a feature I added some months ago, allowing users to join several teams. Happy that it seems to work.
2014-03-18 13:54:40