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Welcome to our forum, and thanks for stopping by! Just a couple of ground rules: no trolling, no bullying, nothing clearly inappropriate for kids (like porn or extreme violence - we usually allow borderline cases so parental guidance is definitely required), no spam, and no breaking any of the other rules in our terms and conditions. Be sure to put your posts in the correct category. Posts that break these guidelines may be deleted without warning.

Subforum Name# of PostsMost Recent
EDEB8.com Site5271Last post: Mar 24 2020 4:46 AM by admin
In Is this site dead
Community2298Last post: Jul 13 2020 6:15 PM by AliNotTooSmartNasir
In Aspiring Debater With absolutely no skills
Games2657Last post: Jan 8 2019 12:04 AM by admin
In Wolverine Game
Current Affairs2502Last post: Jun 27 2020 11:14 PM by Pazzeri
In How the US military should be reformed
Religion&Philosophy2807Last post: Aug 28 2019 2:41 AM by crossed
In God created Morales
Society3338Last post: Jul 25 2019 7:51 PM by Greatest I am
In Is it moral for our governments to impose poverty
Creative Stuff835Last post: Apr 23 2018 11:11 PM by Mharman
In The Future of Europe
Other2627Last post: Oct 23 2018 1:01 PM by Miles_Gonzalez
In Halloween music thread!
Science497Last post: Dec 30 2019 10:50 PM by admin
In A fetus is a human
Debate Training & Resources47Last entry by Mharman
In List of Logical Fallacies

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