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I've debated on both state and national circuits at the high school level for two years. I'm 3rd in my state for Congressional Debate and have experience in spontaneous speaking as well. I'm very passionate about debate, and my other hobbies include reading, playing guitar, writing, and volunteer wo...
I was born in Washington state and have moved around for most of my life due to growing up in the Air Force. My family finally settled in Topeka, KS where I finished my initial schooling (5th - 12th grade). I graduated from Topeka High School in 2016 and after a rough year or so, I took some college...
Shane AlmgrenShane Almgren
Hi! I'm Dave Strange. I'm 15, and I consider myself a centrist. I'm transsexual (female to male) and my pronouns are he/him. I really love psychology, art, photography and politics. I deal mainly with the wackiness that is identity politics and don't tend to dwell on the more technical side of polit...