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Fair Tax: pros and cons

Here are some great and useful resources for anyone researching the "Fair Tax" proposal, for a debate or otherwise, compiled by Cermank.

Fair tax: Fair tax is a progressive taxation system that proposes to replace the the federal payroll, personal income, corporate income, and estate tax with a progressive consumption tax.

The text of the Fair Tax Act of 2009: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/zRetailing?c111:H.R.25:

A comparison of the existing Federal Tax structure in the US and the proposed Fair Tax (based on tax adminitration and collection costs): http://www.beaconhill.org/FairTax2007/TaxAdminCollectionCosts071025%20.pdf

A case for Fair Tax (Article): http://people.bu.edu/zackcost/fairtax.pdf

An extended case on Fair tax based on its macroeconomic and microeconomic impacts): http://people.bu.edu/kotlikoff/FairTax%20NTJ%20Final%20Version,%20April%2024,%202007.pdf

A case against Fair tax (Based on economic, mathematical and legal viewpoints): http://www.smithmoorelaw.com/files/Publication/5d712df6-89c8-44fe-9210-0f4a2d957270/Presentation/PublicationAttachment/cbd77110-f7e3-49ed-a5a0-084910a883cf/20080125-dtr-buckley.pdf

Another Case against Fair tax: http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/files/bartlett_fair_tax.pdf

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BlackflagComment posted by Blackflag
2014-08-08 23:21:53
Oh, we can comment? Good index. There should be a resource page on creating resource pages.