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NameKevin GenderMale Male
DOB 1982-06-08 Occupationunspecified
Country United States City(hidden)
IdeologyWhatever brand of conservatism attracts me Religionunspecified
High SchoolunspecifiedUniversityunspecified
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NameKevin GenderMale Male
DOB 1982-06-08 Occupationunspecified
Country United States City(hidden)
IdeologyWhatever brand of conservatism attracts me Religionunspecified
High SchoolunspecifiedUniversityunspecified
Teams(no team)Coach(no coach)
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2018-06-20 01:24:15


A grew up poor, without electricity or running water lots of time. As I got older my dad progressively got more emotionally and mildly physically abusive. Eventually I ran away from home with my 2 younger siblings, which did not last long. Not too long after this me and my siblings ended up in the foster care system which ended up actually being worse than the emotional abuse and poverty we faced outside of the system. I'm not a conservative because I am cold hearted, but because I have seen the damage that occurs when the state tries to "help". At 16 and having no parent capable of taking care of me and my siblings, and not being able to rely on the state to do a good job of it either, I became unofficially emancipated by the state of Florida and with the help of "Boystown" I gained the custody of my siblings, obtained 2 jobs and rented my own place, where we never went without electricity or running water. The government made my life worse, but a private organization known as boystown helped me get on my feet and live a good life in relation to what me and my siblings were living.

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Quit highschool in the 10th grade, would have loved to have joined some sort of debate club or whatever it is called though.

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Could Santa actually exist?
2018-02-07 12:18:25
I’ve tried it, but the fiancé won’t allow it
DDO is broken
2017-06-21 12:15:47
I would say that comment proves you aren't cooler, but the bar is so low I just don't know
DDO is broken
2017-06-21 12:13:23
Umm you thumbs upped your own post.
centralized market control vs free markets
2017-06-21 12:11:53
Why are you so concerned about wealth inequality? It seems like you would prefer that we all live equally in poverty than all of us have massive wealth, but just varying levels of wealth. It seems like...
centralized market control vs free markets
2017-06-20 01:38:54
I don't know that freedom of movement is really a libertarian thing. A libertarian society grants the most freedom of movement l, but at the same time shooting trespassers on site would be permissible....
centralized market control vs free markets
2017-06-20 01:35:08
The basic minimum income I am thinking of would be given to every single citizen of a country, most libertarians believe in open borders. I would like open borders in an entirely libertarian civilization,...
DDO is broken
2017-06-20 01:32:06
It was Father's Day, maybe a long weekend, but yes still concerning
DDO is broken
2017-06-20 01:31:15
Lol, well I guess it could be taken a few ways
DDO is broken
2017-06-20 01:30:12
Political orientation I would hope is different from sexual orientation. I mean sexual orientation is like what gets you sexually excited, but political orientation should come as a logical thing from...
DDO Emergency Alert
2017-06-19 14:07:40
Fema will be here shortly with the MREs, unconstitutional curfews, and to take away our guns.
DDO is broken
2017-06-19 14:03:19
I have been active on and off for a while. With long periods of off
DDO is broken
2017-06-19 14:01:29
Okay, but your username is stupid. It means you're an ideologue who is incapable of changing your mind no matter what conclusions the facts bring you to.

I would never put conservative for life as...
centralized market control vs free markets
2017-06-19 13:57:49
I am a transhumanist first and a libertarian second. I'd be willing to spend 100 billion to fight age related diseases for example, though most people only want to spend that much on war
centralized market control vs free markets
2017-06-19 13:56:00
Well, libertarians are the ones who invented the concept of the basic minimum income. It just needs to be implemented correctly. The swedes not completely replacing their welfare state with one is an example...
DDO is broken
2017-06-18 17:50:00
I wanna nominate this thread or some other thread on edeb8 to the DDO hall of fame.
2017-06-18 17:48:18
It would decrease the probability of us being in a simulated universe.
Fast Food Drive-Thru Microphones/Speakers
2017-06-18 17:44:38
The speakers for drive through have to be a bit more sturdy than for your iPhone. Clear speakers are definitely available, ownership of these joints, just need to make it a priority.

Difficulty communicating...
Normal Mafia sign ups
2017-06-18 17:34:56
DDO is broken
2017-06-18 17:31:31
If the option is a completely non functional site and no polls, the obvious choice is no polls . The site isn't even up right now. I think they would see the site go offline permanently than delete the...
DDO is broken
2017-06-18 14:36:13
Just delete the polls section which everyone hates and should be a separate site on it's own and the problem fixes itself right?

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That governments should favor green mercantilism over World Trade Organization rules
That developing nations should adopt a policy of benign neglect towards patent enforcement
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