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NameMatt GenderMale Male
DOB unspecified Occupationunspecified
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NameMatt GenderMale Male
DOB unspecified Occupationunspecified
Country Australia City(hidden)
High SchoolunspecifiedUniversityunspecified
Teams(no team)Coach(no coach)
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2017-11-12 10:20:05


Kelnius was born in Queensland, Australia, and first came up with stories as he walked to school, imagining worlds with robotic dragons, deadly teddy bears, alternate dimensions, and mad scientists to pass the time. These days, he spends his free time writing & cooking. He invites you to read his blog.

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Debate Background

For debate, Kelnius first became interested after debating whether "Legal drugs cause greater harm than Illegal Drugs" (he spoke for the negative) during a high school debate for his Philosophy & Reason class; and recently after watching several YouTube videos of Christopher Hitchens, Matt Dillahunty & Heina Dadabhoy, and reviewing notes relating to fallacy, as well as a history of rationality and skepticism.
He occasionally argues with people in YouTube comments regarding abortion, vegetarianism, religion, LGBT rights & feminism; but he is interested in trying a debate that's considerably less informal.

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Total judgements: 3
4-point judgements: 1 (33%)
3-point judgements: 1 (33%)
1-point judgements: 1 (33%)
Average points awarded per judgement: 2.67
Judgement ratings: 7
Constructive ratings: 1 (14%)
Exceptional ratings: 1 (14%)
Good ratings: 2 (28%)
Biased ratings: 1 (14%)
Vote bomb ratings: 2 (28%)
Average judging feedback: 54.29%
Overall ranking: #1

Recent forum posts by Kelnius

2016-11-08 02:26:03
the main reason why you cannot understand the point I am trying to make* I meant to say.

Also, if I don't respond for a while, it's because I am partaking in NaNoWriMo. So, if I do not respond for...
2016-11-08 02:21:21
No, it's not. I don't care if you're interested in semantic debates or not, because if you are going to say that Philosophical means the same thing as Methodological, you are wrong, I will continue to...
2016-10-31 00:25:00
You didn't read what I wrote. Science does have a philosophy. Read my last post, it explained this. Also, I don't assume naturalism, I explained this. Then you tell me that "Methodological Naturalism"...
2016-10-24 03:50:17
It depends what you mean by "can". If you mean can as in could? (like, "can I have another piece of cake?") Then yes, we could, if that's what was factually consistent with reality,...
2016-10-17 01:59:37
Science *does* have a philosophy of methodological naturalism. Consider, for instance, cooking. Cooking may be a practice that cannot "hold" a point of view; but to cook, you hold the view that...
2016-10-11 00:31:16
2016-10-09 20:41:32
If we observe design, then we must accept design.
But, to begin with, I do not know how we would or what specifically you mean. We cannot assume design, but methodological naturalism is about accepting...
2016-10-03 14:29:53
What? No no no. It's not an assumption, that's just what the word "Nature" means. Nature is just "that which exists in the material world (i.e. the universe) which was not interfered with...
2016-09-29 10:35:16
I'm not assuming naturalism, I'm just explaining how science works. Science doesn't assume that the supernatural doesn't exist, that is Philosophical Naturalism; and science doesn't make such broad and...
2016-09-26 22:28:17
If you believe that god exists outside of space and time, cannot be tested, cannot be proven, has no observable effects on the universe, cannot be distinguished from non-existence & has no means of...
2016-09-17 01:45:54
I am the destroyer of mountains the killer of kings,
I always fly by, yet I don't have wings;
I can end basketball games or marriages with similar ease,
and though I flow like a stream only water...

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