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Looking Back at the Russian Annexation of Crimea

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By Bolshevik- | Oct 29 2017 6:04 AM
In 2014, a referendum took place where the people of Crimea overwhelmingly supported becoming part of the Russian Federation as opposed to remaining Ukrainian. In something widely viewed as an illegal annexation, members of NATO imposed sanctions on Russia. Since then, much has changed. Ukraine has transformed itself into one of the most corrupt nations in Europe. The west appears to have largely abandoned the Ukrainian people and it has quickly turned into the poorest nation in Europe (with only tiny Moldova being the exception).

In your opinion, did the people of Crimea make the right choice by joining Russia? Could a major war similar to the one in Donbass have been avoided had they chosen to stay with Ukraine? Let us know what you think below.
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By Holmes101 | Mar 5 2018 3:11 AM
Bolshevik-: Thank you for starting this discussion. I don't wish to sound too cynical, but I doubt the outcome of the Ukrainian referendum would have impacted Russia's interference in eastern Ukraine and the Crimea. As soon as the Russian puppet government was ousted, Putin realized that he needed to take action; confidence in him would decrease, and Ukraine was a major source of profit for Russian oligarchs. With that said, the West has indeed turned its back on Ukraine for the most part. President Trump refuses to continue the stream of sanctions started by President Obama (though there are mentions of fresh US weapons to Ukraine), Britain is dealing with a major political and economic upheaval, etc. One thing I can say for sure, is that Ukraine is leaning more and more to the West; in a more globalized society, Russia is losing its grip bit by bit...
By Bolshevik- | Mar 26 2018 10:56 PM
Holmes101: Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe aside from Moldova. Pretty sure all we are seeing is how Ukraine is failing under their new US backed regime. Russia is not losing its grip. Ukraine cannot join NATO which is all Russia really cares about.
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