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That we should ban the display of Nazi symbols

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"Censorhip reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself." Symbols, words, images, these things all stand for ideas. If you ban then, you ban ideas, which is fucked up. I'm assuming that anyone on a debate site would agree that the censoring of ideas, no matter how scary, is outright wrong and silly, and a productive society must not shy away from the taboo. The only thing you get to censor from the public is something that is directly inciting violence. Yelling fire in a crowded room will cause dangerous mayhem for no reason. Any other speech is fair game, including films depicting rape, signs saying "No dogs or Mexicans Allowed," or an Ancient symbol the Third Reich used.
Even if you wanted to censor a symbol, why would it be the Nazi one? If you're gonna pick something to ban, why not make it the North Korean flag?
Posted 2017-04-01 09:51:59
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