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That terrorism is justifiable

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GuitarKirbyGuitarKirby (PRO)
Thanks in advance to both my opponent and the judges of this debate.

Firstly, let's be clear about what needs to be proved by either side; I have the BoP, but all I really need do is prove that there is ANY situation in which terror tactics can be justified. Con must find a way to prove that there are absolutely no situations in which terror tactics are justified. In this way the argument is somewhat slanted in my favor, but that is the agreed-upon debate topic.

Furthermore, the definition of terrorism is sometimes skewed by the use of the word both in media and in the common vernacular. We're working with the dictionary definition. According to the Oxford English Dictionary online, the definition of terrorism is "The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." (Oxford English Dictionary)

Conveniently enough, the etymology for the word gives an example of a time when such terrorism may have been justified; the French Revolution. During this time, corrupt and greedy autocrats were oppressive to working-class citizens, to the point that these low-class citizens were starving to death. In retribution, there began The Terror, from which we get the word terrorisme. (Oxford English Dictionary) The Terror was an example of terror tactics - public executions of monarchial leaders by beheading - to achieve nobler ends. Furthermore, during the rise of Nazi Germany, several tactical assaults were used that are not only terroristic in nature, but are akin to similar methods used today, including suicide bombing and assassination in aircraft. (Wikipedia)

Whatever my opponent's position, I find it unlikely that any judge will vote Con to the idea that using terrorist tactics against Nazis was a bad thing. At least not if they are being morally and intellectually honest.

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2018-05-27 16:51:36
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