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That reality television should be banned

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Alexandre The Thrice GreatAlexandre The Thrice Great (PRO)
Reality television should be banned, it is a sign of a society so far removed from the natural course of enlightenment and real human connection that we would need to be offered 'prize sums' in order to co-operate as a civic group of people ... even worse, is that consumers of reality television must face awful terrors or misery in their own planned lives that they need the coaxing of scripted reality tv shows to entertain them, that they cannot find entertainment within their own pursuit of intellectual glory or within the chosen art forms of dedicated actors or musicians who create carefully sculpted stage performances and beautiful interweaving narratives in theatre and live music, that they would rather watch a group of socially/financially deprived citizens forced to compete for resources, broadcast on live television.

Is that art? or cruel, and unusual punishment?

This 'Reality tv' is simply publicised humiliations of common citizens, lacking in social skills and thus easily pushed to cling to the false recognition of studio audiences and tabloid newspapers, citizens who have had the spotlight turned on them by tv presenters too corrupt or ill-equipped to host an honest or empowering show, and instead set about to manipulate those with weak moral standing into performing like dancing monkeys on front of a half-brain dead population of entertainment and praise starved capatistic slaves ... 
Citizens who instead should be shown the path of a greater, happier life, by those who know of it.

Reality television should be banned, it makes a mockery of true artists and is a symptom of the larger problems of a sadistic, and beaten down social group ... 

Bring back the Gilmore girls!! 

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2018-05-14 05:07:11
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2018-06-04 18:54:33
GuitarKirbyJudge: GuitarKirby
Win awarded to: Alexandre The Thrice Great
Only one person debated, another win by default.

As always, make sure you show up to your own debate. Don't forget to take part, Con.
Pro, be very careful. You left yourself wide open for a counterattack by making a lot of claims and having no outside sources to back you up. This can be argued as a moral question, but without some numbers, you'll find yourself in trouble very quickly. You jumped between genres of reality television when stating your grievances. Try and maintain focus. And finally, watch your grammar. Presentation is really important when debating, and proper writing, even when it's as small as character capitalization, will be murder on the debates where your opponent DOES respond.
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