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That culturally significant art belongs in public museums

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Yeah didn't know where to start. I would also have had to show that public museums are better than private museums.
Posted 2016-08-04 03:26:29
SolonKR from DDOSolonKR from DDO
Bummer. You could have begun it by essentially quantifying how culture is good, and that we thus should encourage spreading cultural ideas. I was planning to do the exact opposite and argue that culture is a net detriment whose existence serves to foster tribal conflict and what not. Sorry it turned out this way.
Posted 2016-08-04 02:36:31
Sorry to have to concede, I honestly have no idea where to even begin with my arguments. This isn't a topic I know enough about.
Posted 2016-08-04 01:35:51
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This debate is for the WODC. I wish my opponent the best of luck in the tournament.