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That Intelligent Design should be taught in school

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ShmedShmed (CON)
Agreed, alright good debate next time select con since you disagree with the topic that was posted. 
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2019-03-06 02:52:13
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kallistar: Then again, we could just debate these concepts for the sake of debating them? What are the "pros" for example of teaching intelligent design in schools?
kallistar: Is there even merit to the argument of intelligent design? Or are the conditions of the world today and example of how the intelligent diversity of the Earth has been devastated by the unintelligence OF designed beings?

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kallistarkallistar (PRO)
Nevermind, intelligent design shouldn't be taught in schools. Except maybe as a way to explain that it's unethical to damage any living or nonliving thing on the planet because all of it is designed intelligently, or with an intelligence inherent in it.
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2019-03-19 22:01:17
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