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Is contraception a natural right?

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SitaraSitara (PRO)
Thank you to my opponent for accepting. I intend to explain why contraception is a right. Contrasception is a right for a few reasons. 1. People own their bodies. 2. No one should be forced to raise children if they don't want to. Pregnancy can have negative health affects for some women. Pregnancy would make me suicidal, so I want to use contraception.
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2016-07-13 23:01:23
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CrowCrow (CON)
Reminder that this is a one thousand character debate, so arguments will be shorter. 

Since the affirmative did not define contraception, I will have my go at it. Contraception are artificially created methods designed to destroy the early conception of a child.

People may own their bodies, but they do not own a stockpile of contraception from birth. A natural right is one inherent to all men from birth. is that contraception? No, because others have to pay for and manufacture it. 

No one is forced to have children. Abstinence is the only sure  method of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Maybe abstinence is not desirable, but taking risks can lead to consequences, and pregnancy is one of the possible outcomes of sex. The choice to get pregnant or not is right there.

When bearing a child, your life no longer becomes just about you. If pregnancy is so terrible that it will make one suicidal, then maybe sex is not for that individual. 

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2016-07-20 10:10:51
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