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Democracy is outdated in progressive Western society

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Henry RobertsHenry Roberts (PRO)
Democracy is fundamentally flawed as the majority of people who’re given the power of the vote do not know how to rule, nor do they know what is best for their state. Democracy today allows for corrupt media fuelled politicians advertising campaigns based on what we want not what we need, who want popularity not good. And us, not knowing what we need, just what we want, vote unable to progress a state politically or economically. This is becoming worryingly apparent in Brexit and Trump votes.
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2018-02-23 09:01:22
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jgestiotjgestiot (CON)
There is nothing wrong with Democracy as it allows the equal representation of each individual within a society. Replacing democracy with a non-democratic system creates more problems than it appears to solve.

There is corruption within the media, within business and withing politics, all interfering with the proper workings of a democracy. Throwing out democracy because media, business and politics are not working is like throwing out your phone because the battery is flat.
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2018-02-26 02:47:01
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