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Post-Launch Roundup

Now that EDEB8.com is several hours old, allow me to introduce some of the new cool things EDEB8.com has, and what's next for the site.

Since the site launch, I've done quite a bit of optimization and fixed several bugs. In addition, three requested features from the forum have been implemented - return links after sending a friend request, tracking friend requests from a user's settings, and adding a button to offer coaching to profiles without coaches.

The next steps for the site? Well - as I see it...

* Fixing the "don't need to register to post in forum" bug that's been identified

* Debate improvement: allow HTML content

* Debate improvement: WYSIWYG editor for posting HTML text and images easily

* Debate improvement: Allow categories to be assigned to debates, and add category search interface to find debates in a particular category

* Forum improvement: improve the display of threads

* Forum improvement: highlighting threads you haven't viewed since somebody last posted to the thread

Hope to be able to bring you some of these in the coming days! :)

As always, keep me informed if there's anything else you'd like to see on here.

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adminComment posted by admin
2014-07-20 22:53:24
Wow, I remember this... how far we've come!
PinkieComment posted by Pinkie
2014-08-02 13:14:51
Great job Lars! :D