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nzlockieBugsy460That voting should be compulsory
adminnzlockieThat voting should be compulsory
kallistarnzlockieDo you think most debaters on this site read the forums to create more sound debates?
LoverOfTruthnzlockieWitnesses of Jehovah have the true religion as compared to Muslims. (Islam Vs Jehovah's Christianity)
nzlockiePhos HalasSocietal convention does not demand one to say “excuse me” when in a cubicle within a public restroom.
Phos HalasnzlockieJesus of Nazareth rose from the dead
CasaBatllonzlockieWe should maintain a monarchy in Australia
PixiepennytashinzlockieImmigration should be illegal in the US
nzlockieGuitarKirbyThat development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in the Sahel region of Africa
Rohit singh YoutubernzlockieWomen empowerment
Alexandre The Thrice GreatnzlockieThat it should be criminal for a politician to lie
nzlockieMharmanThat it should be criminal for a politician to lie
nzlockieAmaka KanayoDo you agree with this statement "Experience is the best teacher".
bookydedreamernzlockieThat prisoners should be allowed to choose death over a life sentence
skateboardash2004nzlockieGod does not exist
Benji Alexander SmithnzlockieThat student loans should be interest-free
nzlockieAnele Shezz MadelaThat religion should be taught in schools
nzlockieSHINJThat Antarctica should be colonized for resource extraction
LeachynzlockieThat we should allow the public to remove Supreme Court justices by a popular referendum
adminnzlockieThe NZDF should be scrapped.
KrazynzlockieThis house supports the Death Penalty. (Biblical Perspective)
The RednecknzlockieAmerica is worse off because slavery happened
nzlockieadminThe international community should recognize the Shia Houthis government in Northern Yemen
BlackflagnzlockieOrthodox Christians Should Work to Revive the Byzantine Empire
nzlockieWylted 2015 Tournament: The international community should endorse unilateral climate engineering projects to prevent global warming
Bolshevik-nzlockieThe Battle of Stalingrad was the Most Important Battle of WWII
nzlockie9spacekingCalvin and Hobbes is a better comic strip than...
nzlockie9spacekingGay Marriage Should be Legalized
BlackflagJoepbrnzlockieadminThat nationalism has a damaging impact on society
nzlockiebsh1That the Queen of England should resign
nzlockie9spacekingThat all forms of education should be free
BlackflagnzlockieThe Flag of Detroit should be the Flag of Michigan
nzlockieHitlerDisco is entitled to legitimate musical cred
BlackflagnzlockieGridiron Football is better than Rugby Football
nzlockieArcTimesChina should NOT grant independence to the Xinjiang province.
nzlockiesea_shellKimi is a superior cat to Louis
nzlockie18KarlRESOLVED: The Falkland Islands belong to Britain (WODC)
nzlockieCJKAllstarThat the speed limit on roads should be abolished
TophatdocnzlockieThat the police should carry weapons while on regular duty
adminnzlockieThat children should not be allowed out alone at night
ADreamOfLibertynzlockieThat religion is a waste of time
nzlockieTheCPThat sport leagues should not suspend players for off-field behaviour
nzlockieJDSFDSFfsaThat the rise of a 'hookup culture' is regrettable
nzlockieKhaosThat extremist political parties should be banned
adminnzlockieNZ should adopt a new flag.
gabbsmcswagginnzlockieRESOLVED: The influence of the media is detrimental to the American political process.
adminnzlockieEDEB8 is superior to debate.org
edgeawesome776nzlockieedge is the awesomest awesome aswesome ever
nzlockieDe@thThat there should be a legal age for using mobile phones
adminnzlockie"God" does not exist
nzlockiecdw.scoutPublically funded Healthcare
cdw.scoutnzlockieThat nationalism has a damaging impact on society