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TeodoraSBi0HazardChristianity (PRO) vs Atheism (CON)
Bi0HazardlaurenkohlThat the continuation of NATO after the dissolution of the Soviet Union is regrettable
Dominic LarosaBi0HazardAtheism is total nonsense
Bi0HazardcooldudebroThat nationalism has a damaging impact on society
Bi0Hazardsaad dhotharAmerica and Pakistan
Bi0HazardYuriThat labor unions ought to be abolished
Bi0HazardFamousdebateradmincooldudebroThat voting third party is worth it in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
Bi0HazardDatBoiThat we should ban all guns to the public
iagoBi0HazardThat the security council should be scrapped
Bi0HazardcooldudebroThat women should be allowed into front-line combat roles
CrowBi0HazardThat all forms of education should be free
Bi0HazardadminHuman life should be driven by utility
Bi0Hazardgavstone21That states should construct false historical narratives that promote social cohesion
RXR.Bi0HazardCommunism is the best system of government
gavstone21Bi0HazardComedy Debate
Victor BjerrumBi0HazardThat Intelligent Design should be taught in school
Bi0HazardadminThat marijuana should be legal
Bi0HazardDebatingAngelThat popular entertainers should not engage in political campaigns
DebatingAngelBi0HazardGod exists
Bi0HazardcooldudebroShould the United States decrease military budget?