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Phos HalasAcerThe loch ness monster more than likely exists. (change my mind)
tombos21@gmail.comJKingUniversal Basic Income
crossedtombos21@gmail.comprescription medication is poision
faizulbaritombos21@gmail.comThat extremist political parties should be banned
crossedAcerprescription medication is poision
crossedellieo321prescription medication is poison
adminAcerThat we should we ban nuclear energy
crossedadminThere are good reasons to believe in Christianity
srmdchikeshadyelmansyThat the internet has a damaging impact on society
crossedKickTheCanthere is a god
Phos HalasAcerAbortion is morally evil and should be outlawed
kallistarhomericpirateshipThat voting should be compulsory
kallistarShmedThat Intelligent Design should be taught in school