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Edeb8 Member Awards

Edeb8 Member Awards


The Edeb8 Member Awards recognize members of the community for their outstanding contributions to the site. There are many categories that will be awarded on January 1st, but the two most prestigious can be voted on by users, with the member who gets the most votes winning the prize:

Best Debater
This award recognizes the best overall debater and/or judge on the site. Voting goes from the 29th until the awards ceremony on January 1st.

Best Community Member
This recognizes which member of the community has made the biggest contribution overall. Generally being friendly, active, helpful and interesting across discussions, their profile, the forum, groups and other aspects of the social part of the site is what wins this award. Voting runs through the 26th of December to the 28th.

Voting is now open!
Very tough competition for the nominees for best community member this year. A brief rundown on the candidates:
Famousdebater - joined for the WODC, and has stuck around since
Krazy - active long-time user always with a controversial and interesting opinion
BioHazard - inquiring user responsible for many interesting discussions
brandon.the.debater - newer user active especially in getting tournaments started
My Hands Are Yuge - forum user who's lurked around for a very long time and always been happy to contribute
So many honorable mentions, too - Wylted, Random Stranger, Kohai, and many others were on my shortlist. 2016 has been a great year for the edeb8 community!

Join the group and head to the poll tab to cast your vote!

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