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Is there an afterlife?

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By admin | Feb 21 2016 4:56 PM
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By Krazy | Feb 22 2016 12:11 AM
Yes, and which destination is determined by the fact if you are saved by Jesus Christ.

1. Heaven. Heaven is paridise. No suffering whatsoever.
2. The Lake of Fire. The Lake of Fire is eternal torture, where you will be wailing and knashing your teeth forever in fire and brimstone.

We are all sinners. We all deserve to go to the lake of fire. But God came down to Earth in the form of a man (Jesus Christ) to take our penalty for us so that we don't have to. He lived a perfect and sinless life, and died on the cross and shed His blood. He died and rose from the dead 3 days later and eventually went back up to heaven. So our sin debt is paid for, we don't have to go to the lake of fire.

If you believe that, and believe that you can only get to heaven through faith in Jesus Christ alone as your Savior, then you are saved. Jesus Christ is God, only He can save you, and you have to believe in Him and Him only to not face the punishment that you deserve.

That is the Bible in a few sentences.

It says in Romans 14:11
For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God
It is just a matter of when you will do it. Will you do it now on Earth while you still have the chance to be saved; or will you do it at the Great White Throne Judgement before thrown into the lake of fire.
By condeelmaster | Feb 22 2016 1:46 AM
I don't think so. In my opinion, the afterlife is a man invention to give life a sense it doesn't have. Afterlife make people care more about what they do in the actual life. However, it shows the selfish nature of humankind, you act good to have pleasure in the afterlife instead of acting good just for the sake of being a good person. I'm open to real evidence, but as long as there is none I prefer to have an skeptical view.
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By Bi0Hazard | Apr 28 2016 10:55 AM
The answer is, we don't know. We can't interview dead people to see if there is an afterlife. If there is one, then we would have to have our mind get there after we die. So an immaterial soul would have to exist in our body. If there is no afterlife, then we our consciousness ceases to exist, so its not necessarily a sad thing if there is no life after death. We wouldn't be able to think or feel anything so there would be no misery. I personally believe in an afterlife, but we really do not know if there is one or not. It has to be accepted on faith.
By Anonymous | Jan 2 2018 12:40 AM
Bi0Hazard: Hell is probably the wall from believing completely and this is what Christ left.

"Do not fear for you are valuable than sparrows", "Nothing will separate us from God" "I am the Lord your God" "Jesus loves you" "Perfect love cast out fear""Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares" "Everyday he watch you, Every hour he thinks about you, Every minute he cares about you and every second he loves you"

If God is number one for us
God is our fear
God is our strength
hell is not our fear
Hell is not our strength
Because we will be still and the Lord will fight for us,as he said.
Praise the Lord!777

If you still doubt, you have your purpose :)
Let's help the poor and the needy. Be voice for the voiceless and hope for hopeless
By GuitarKirby | Apr 3 2018 8:35 AM
From a philosophical standpoint, it's impossible to say that there is an afterlife with any degree of certainty, otherwise we wouldn't need faith to believe in one. Science has nothing to say about any possible afterlives because we have no way to approach the supernatural using the scientific method. Until there is more evidence for the existence of an afterlife we're stuck at "I don't know."
By DC1stSon | Jun 20 2018 1:38 PM
condeelmaster: Agreed!