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The last 3 months have been sorta quiet

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By admin | Jul 7 2019 1:36 AM
Like, we're not even getting our usual amount of spam lol.

Just to report, I'm expecting to be done with the rewrite of the edeb8 core in probably another 3 months. I'm about half-way done. So many other jobs in this time have just taken my attention all over the place. :)

Hope everyone's alright. Feel free to challenge me to debates.
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I'm the main developer for the site. If you have any problems, ideas, questions or concerns please send me a message.
Let's revive the forums!
By nzlockie | Jul 9 2019 10:01 PM
admin: I'm still around. Thought I was only one!
Just busy with life etc.

You know, this site has really opened my eyes to online debate. I've had such a good time here over the years. As edeb8 has gotten quieter and quieter, I've occasionally looked at other sites that might be a bit more active but I just can't handle the drop off in quality.
I just can't work out what the magic formula would be to bring more quality people over without turning this place into another social media platform.
By crossed | Aug 3 2019 1:41 AM
I exist still
By nzlockie | Dec 20 2019 3:42 AM
Yo fellow lurker.

Ok, I'm going to break the silence.

Look, this site is so far ahead of any other site on the internet when it comes to actual formal debate - it's not funny.
The structure that's in place to recreate a debate similar to real life debates is definitely far superior to any others. No surprise because the guy who wrote it is an actual debater in real life! I actually think it goes further than that - I simply can't find any other site on the internet that offers a debating platform that recreates formal debate.
Even more worryingly, the newest "debate" sites that are popping up are heading in a completely different direction.

My life is busy - probably like most of you. But there's often times in my life where I really yearn to just really hash out a topic. Sometimes it's because I'm genuinely interested in it, but most of the time it's just because I like to force myself to think about issues in ways that I wouldn't naturally do so. In 2019 with the digital echo chambers we live in, I believe that's more important than ever.

So I don't think I'm ready for Edeb8 to just fade out. I want to do one last push for membership.
My plan is to draft up a letter of introduction and then forward it out to as many debate club email addresses as I can find. I reckon that these are the types of people we want here.
As part of this, I'd like to show them that we did actually have some great debates here. So I'm inviting anyone reading this - give me some of the examples of really high quality debates on this site.
I'm going to set some basic criteria they have to meet though:

1) No forfeits.
2) Some high quality Judgements
3) Really good cases presented by both sides

Any feedback is welcome, but this is happening.
Hey it'll probably come to nothing, but if I were a debate coach in real life, I would sure be upset to hear that the one site actually structured around formal debate is about to slip off to nothing! There's no harm in trying!
By GuitarKirby | Jan 13 2020 4:17 AM
nzlockie: I've been gone for some time, but I agree - I'd like to see a boost in membership.

I wonder if a mobile app version of the site would help add new users as well?