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2019 State of the Nation.

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By nzlockie | Jan 11 2019 9:45 AM
Just wanted to declare my position.
I'm on this site for debate. I really enjoy the cut and thrust of a proper competitive debate and I think that this site delivers that better than any other.

I don't care that the forums are quiet. It's not what I come here for. Over the past year or two the membership had kind of dropped off and that results in low numbers of judges, which makes it not as fun. So I tried really hard to find another site that could deliver the variety of options I need to generate a range of fun debates.

Couldn't find it anywhere.
It's a real testament to Admin how good this site is structured to handle online debate.

Thanks Admin for making this site. When we didn't see you for the past few months I thought that might be it, but i'm pleased it seems to be ticking over again.
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