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Fast Food Drive-Thru Microphones/Speakers

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By TheGhostOfCivilization_2.0 | Jun 13 2017 2:53 PM
How is it that we live in a society which has satellites beyond our solar system, and where people carry little devices with them everywhere they go that contain access to any information they desire (Internet), but yet one has to almost hire a translator to understand what fast food employees are saying through their speakers to them in a drive-thru? Surely we have the technology for this. I propose we simply use the sort of speakers that are used for electronic devices to fix this problem, it will save both the customer and employees time and will be more convenient as well. What do you think about this?
By Wylted | Jun 18 2017 5:44 PM
TheGhostOfCivilization_2.0: The speakers for drive through have to be a bit more sturdy than for your iPhone. Clear speakers are definitely available, ownership of these joints, just need to make it a priority.

Difficulty communicating can cause lost revenue in busy places where you need to move the line fast to get to the next car before they hit the joint across the street.

My number one priority would be moving the drive through fast and the speaker needs to be clear on both ends to do that.

The only issue I wish I could solve for drive through is people who make large orders in it, holding up the 5 cars behind them, and who don't have the common courtesy to go into the dining room.

It is like they do not realize the drive through is for people in a rush, not those feeding their entire office or having a family reunion. The dining room is for you jerks, I just ordered a coke and do not need to wait 5 minutes for it. Same for the idiots who order freshly dropped food, meaning it will be about 3 full minutes for a fry or 6 for a chicken. Go in the dining room and let me order my single item and go retard.

And before you say that these idiots can be pulled forward, that means you have to dedicate an extra staff member who could be preparing the order to run out and give it to them, which also delays the line. Not to mention after going outside they have to wash their hands and get back to their stations, delaying the person who took it out by up to 2 minutes, which is forever in that industry
By Mharman | Nov 19 2017 7:49 PM
Welcome to Dairy Queen, may I take your order?
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