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A new member posting to simply say 'hello'.

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Benji Alexander Smith
By Benji Alexander Smith | Feb 9 2018 7:57 AM
My name is Benjamin. I have no formal debate experience, but if I am honest, I have been frustrated by the level of the 'competition' on social media for a number of years now (I'm guessing some of you can relate). I know they probably don't think of themselves as competition, and so we are speaking/'debating' at cross purposes, but I thought I'd just go all in, and try out this site. One thing I really hope to see is that people don't get upset about things, whatever they may be. Philosophy is a combat sport, as they say, but we should all be able to remain friends afterwards once the debate is done.

I have a background in some science (which as many of you would know is completely unforgiving)... and various other technical things here and there. I am constrained by a back injury at the moment, and really hope to be able to use this site as a way to keep my mind active while I cannot work. Seems like a reasonable idea, I figured. What's the worst that could happen?

Looking forward to seeing how this all works, as I literally have no idea at this point. In fact, can I ask: is there a 'beginner's circle', so to speak? Like a kiddie-pool, before you have to jump right into the deep end? That would be very helpful.

Warmest regards to everyone who makes this site possible.