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Second Community Survey

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By Blackflag | May 12 2015 10:57 PM
This survey is only for those who have used both Edeb8 and debate.org

1. Which site is better for debating?

2. Which site has better debating features?

3. Which site is better for socializing?

4. Which site has better social features?

5. What do you want more from Edeb8, a social site or a debate site?

6. Would you be in favor of reducing the forums and expanding groups to focus the site more on debating?
By nzlockie | May 12 2015 11:48 PM
Blackflag: Now THIS is a more realistic survey!

1.Which site is better for debating?
Edeb8 is better for debating. It is easier and more intuitive to construct and post an argument here. There are resources more readily available here - especially the "related articles" tab which is automatically generated on each topic and can be used to inspire ideas for an argument.
Formatting options allow for more scope to at "tone" to an argument - something which is easy during an oral discourse but is lost on paper.
The flexibility of the site allows such a wide range of debate styles to be generated. DDO can mirror many of these, but to do so requires a work around - so when it comes to "better" - a tool designed to accomplish the task is always better than a tool which must be used beyond the scope of its design.
You can cut a tree down with an axe or an knife... but an axe is better.

2. Which site has better debating features?
Even the staunchest DDO supporter won't contest this one. Edeb8 has FAR more features than DDO. If even half of those are perceived as being useful, then it would win on quantity alone. The fact that these features have been designed, implemented and refined by someone who actually knows debate - is strong evidence that those features which are shared by both sites are more likely to be better on Edeb8. Close inspection would hold this to be true.

3. Which site is better for socializing?
When it's boiled down, the single most important thing required for socializing is people. DDO has this in spades.
It's important to note that "good socialisation" happens best with like-minded people, so arguments that having a wide range of people means better socialising are a bit off. This is evidenced by the fact that on a site with as many people as DDO has, most members will still socialise in groups of between 10 and 30 people.
The real advantage to having such a wide range of people is that there is the ability to find like-minded people there no matter what your interests are.

4. Which site has better social features?
If we discount people from this equation, then you have to give it to Edeb8 on the strength of Groups, Shout boxes, Tagging and Live Messaging. None of these social features are found on DDO and given that Juggle never does anything in terms of development, none of them are likely to appear anytime soon.
Most of the social features unique to DDO), such as Google Hangouts - are not required on Edeb8 due to the features above. If it was decided that they WERE required on Edeb8, they could easily be implemented, in literally the same way they are on DDO. In other words, those same features exist here, they just aren't used since there is no need or desire.
Anything else that falls into the category of "social" - Polls and private messaging for example, exist on both sites.
The only social feature I can find unique to DDO is the ability to leave a public post on another member's profile wall. This single feature does not outweigh all of the unique Edeb8 features.

5. What do you want more from Edeb8, a social site or a debate site?
Debate site for sure. I have actual friends in real life who I socialise with. I don't need to go to an internet site for them. (no offense)

6. Would you be in favor of reducing the forums and expanding groups to focus the site more on debating?
No. I already think there are too many groups. I'd be a fan of a new rule that a member can only create three groups actually.
I think the forums are fine. They are already split into the right number of categories in my opinion.
Generally speaking, I think this site is good right now. All we need to do from here are little tweaks.
Dassault Papillon
By Dassault Papillon | May 13 2015 5:07 PM
Blackflag: 1 &2 . Edeb8 has some better debating tools, making it better
3. DDO
4. DDO
5. Both
6. No
By Voice | May 13 2015 5:10 PM
Blackflag: 1. Edeb8

2. Edeb8

3. DDO

4. DDO

5. Both, actually

6. Yes.
By Blackflag | May 13 2015 6:54 PM
1. Edeb8
2. Edeb8
3. Edeb8
4. DDO
5. Debate Site
6. Yes
By nzlockie | May 13 2015 8:22 PM
I'm genuinely curious to those who said DDO has better social features, @i is a boi and @Swag , specifically what social features are you talking about?
Dassault Papillon
By Dassault Papillon | May 13 2015 8:42 PM
nzlockie: People
By nzlockie | May 13 2015 11:26 PM
Dassault Papillon: Yeah I wondered if that was it. The only thing is, people are not a "site feature".

Their definitely an important factor which is why I wouldn't contest DDO being the answer to Q3, but can they really be considered a" feature "?
By nzlockie | May 13 2015 11:27 PM
nzlockie: *they're

By Blackflag | May 14 2015 1:07 AM
nzlockie: That gives me an idea........................... let's create fake user accounts!!!
By ColeTrain | May 18 2015 10:59 PM
Blackflag: 1. DDO: Though I've only participated in one debate, I still have been against, or had the opportunity to be against, a wider variety of skilled opponents. This is primarily due to the small amount of active users and the lack of more than 10 open resolutions at a time. Edeb8 will come along, and eventually could surpass DDO, as long as users flock to this site first.
2. Edeb8: This one is a no brainer. Besides a more likable format, Edeb8 has multiple features (including cross-examination) that DDO does not. Moreover, these are easier to access, change, and ultimately debate than on DDO.
3. DDO: This is once again due to a greater populace of individuals giving DDO more traffic. The forums and such are much more crowded (providing more opinions, topics, and interaction) which is something the low-population of Edeb8 lacks.
4. Edeb8: This is simply uncontested. While DDO has more people, features inevitably belongs to Edeb8. As other users have mentioned, shout boxes, live messaging, and such are very beneficial and something that DDO lacks.
5. Debate site. As @nzlockie mentioned, socialization can happen in real life with tangible people. It's more important to have something intellectual and accomplishing such as debate online, rather than social life.
6. I don't think any changes need to be made in this area. I'd agree that they are fine how they are, and need no drastic alteration.

Also: I really like it that the Admin's username on Edeb8 is actually admin. On DDO, it took me quite awhile to figure out who was the admin.
Also: I was impressed and surprised (in a good way) that @admin challenged Mikal to a debate (DDO vs Edeb8) on DDO. It was already settled before the debate that he would lose (DDO biased fan base), but the courage and informative go at it persuaded me to check it out. Now I'm glad I did.

Overall: I'd still have to conclude that DDO is *better* overall, but simply because there are more active users. If Edeb8 picks up, there's no doubt it could surpass DDO (assuming DDO doesn't make drastic changes). Props to Edeb8, loving it so far!
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By lannan13 | May 20 2015 10:25 PM
Blackflag: 1. DDO
2. Edeb8
3. DDO
4. DDO
5. Debate site.
6. Neither
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