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That we should require companies to pay their interns

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adensdadadensdad (PRO)
Unpaid interns fill essential roles in companies that could be filled by paid labor. Hence, such positions reduce the number of paid jobs in the workforce. As these roles are essential, companies have to fill these roles. If forced to fill these roles with paid labor, then it forces more real jobs to be created.

More real jobs improve all areas of the economy. More paid jobs allow more worker demand, which increases not only the number of jobs, but wages for available jobs and job security for the employed. It is much more difficult for a heartless boss to fire workers when the ratio between paid jobs and willing workers is balanced. Workers who are less afraid of being fired have more job satisfaction.

Unpaid internships also filter out talent due to economic limitations. For instance, a parent, or person with loans needs an income. Such a person, though talented and eager to enter a certain industry, is filtered out from the intern process because that person cannot afford to go without income for any length of time. Thusly, unpaid internships reduce the number of talented workers in a given field by giving special consideration only to those individuals who have little to no financial responsibilities.

Finally, unpaid internships give larger companies an advantage over small businesses. The internships they offer are sought because the larger company has more prestige. By not paying their interns, it gives these larger companies a larger pool of labor without larger expense. This improves the bottom line for such companies in an unfair way, giving them an additional advantage in the free market. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Any industry that is composed of more small businesses than large businesses is going to be an industry that offers more employment, higher wages and worker satisfaction.

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2017-06-07 20:58:37
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