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That railways should be nationally owned and operated

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BifurcationsBifurcations (CON)
It might be better to start this debate again at a more suited time? Either way I will skip this round again.
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2016-03-05 21:51:54
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BifurcationsBifurcations (CON)
This was unfortunate. Hopefully we get a chance to debate properly in the future.

I'll just make one brief statement for the opposition.

Private companies have the ability to invest in multiple long term strategies which politicians don't due to term times and election cycles. This means that private companies and not politicians have the ability to enter into long term projects that will improve the standard of the whole service. Private companies still have the incentives to run an efficient and useful service because they still depend on good customer feedback otherwise another company can bid to take over the service. The company is beholden to shareholders who need the company to continue to thrive for a long time if they want to see continuous returns and rewards. This means that a private company would have the incentives to run a successful service that will last by constantly updating it and improving it. A politician wants to spend as little money as possible and if it isn't about to completely collapse before the end of the term that's fine to them. This leaves them little incentives to constantly spend money to upgrade the service provided.

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2016-03-12 22:11:03
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That should work. I thought I had a few more hours, but apparently not.
Posted 2016-02-26 05:50:40
@lannan13 i'll just pass my turn on the first debate I can wait before posting it though to give you extra time if that is needed?
Posted 2016-02-25 23:13:38
nationalisation is more of a socialist issue than a communist issue I would have thought
Posted 2016-02-19 16:48:14
Of course I'm Pro on a Commie issue.
Posted 2016-02-18 22:15:26
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