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That we should allow internet users to sell their own personal information for profit

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chathuchathu (PRO)

My first Argument

I had a neighbor who was very old and no one to take care. One day she got seriously ill and I admitted her to the hospital. After some time doctor asked me about her previous illness and relations. But I didn’t know anything about her illness or her relationships. Two hours after, she died. If I knew about her, definitely we had a chance to rescue her.

Dear opposition member, ladies and gentlemen.

Throughout this debate I will prove that how important for a member of this society to know each other’s personal information. I believe we must know about other people’s personal information as it will help all the people to live.

According to the oxford dictionary the word profit defines as “Obtain an advantage or benefit”. So we can’t say that profit means 100% money. Money only a part of profit. If I can get any advantage from a thing, it can call as a profit. Even saving our life by another person is also a profit we gain.

Personal information is information belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else.

So in my first argument I proved that in our life, we need each other’s personal information at different stages for their own benefit or rather profit. So why don’t we sell it and earn another profit? We can simply hit two birds from one stone. From one side we can earn something. From other side, people can help us at different hard stages because they know us well.

So I again and again proving the fact that someone can help you, only if he knows you.

My second Argument

If already someone sells your personal information and earn money, what would be your position? Yes the social media like Facebook and twitter are doing the same thing. They use our personal information and earn them a profit. They use our personal information such as relationship status and favorite political views to publish and earn them a profit. Directly and indirectly, they are doing this thing. So I would like to ask two questions from my opposition member.

1. Just because face book does such a thing indirectly, can we ban face book?

2. Why do we allow others to get profit by using our information and why can’t us to get profit by selling our personal information?

So I am highlighting the fact that we should not let others to market our personal info and earn. We should do it on our own and earn ; not others.

My third Argument

In my first argument, I proved it is beneficial to everyone to know each other’s personal information. In my second argument, I proved social media like face book is indirectly doing the same thing and then why do we allow them to get profit by using our personal info and why can’t us do that in efficient manner.

Here in my third argument is based with the right to sell and right to choose.

Everyone has the right to sell. Even most harmful things are selling in the market these days like cigarette and alcohol. So what is the wrong to sell our own personal information which does not do any harm to other people? We are living in a democratic world which guarantees our rights to be secured. So I believe that we have a right to sell as they are our own information. So any step which tries to ban the right to sell is clearly anti – democratic and it is a hand waving for an autocratic rule.

Also we have the right to choose as well. Every person has a right to choose from whether they sell their own personal information or not. Just because we introduce this motion doesn’t mean that every person should sell their personal stuff. Someone can sell and at the same time someone who doesn’t like such thing can avoid from selling their personal info. So we have to respect the right to choose of the people and no one has a moral right to...

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2018-01-24 08:26:54
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chathu: it seems like the opposition doesn't have a valid case. he forfeited the round.As far as he doesn't disagree with my arguments,I believe I won the debate. so the decision is yours
chathu: Just because face book does such a thing indirectly, can we ban face book?
chathu: Why do we allow others to get profit by using our information and why can’t us to get profit by selling our personal information?

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Please post. Just say you forward all points. I'm sorry I wasn't there earlier (IRL stuff), but I will be able to post soon.
Posted 2018-01-29 01:45:37
The judging period on this debate is over

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2018-02-01 13:23:42
lannan13Judge: lannan13    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: chathu
Pro wins the debate by default since he was the only person in the debate who had actually posted a debate argument. Con did appear in cross-ex though, but the debate will still go to Pro in that regards as the inability for Con to respond means that all points are dropped.
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