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That the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior is regrettable

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your honoryour honor (PRO)

Affirmative Constructive Round

I thank my opponent for the opportunity to do this debate. When a child is young they are naive and easily convinced that many people are better than them and this can cause them to become depressed or lead an unhappy life. Much of this happens when a child reads a book, although educational, most authors make their central protagonists aesthetically perfect in society’s eyes, and especially in the world we live in today, this can, clearly, change the life of any kid. This is why, as a society, we should regret this and instead focus on the educational and inspirational aspects of a book character, instead of their attractiveness.


To begin, I will set up why the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior is regrettable. Below, are three facts that prove my point.

The Science of Attraction

To put it simply, people that look attractive in our society, are considered good people just because they are beautiful. It is well known that we live in a sensitive society. As humans, we judge people based on how they look, and although we may disagree, we no longer judge people on how they act. Simply, if somebody looks good, then they are good. This can be proven through the fact that our social media admires our current celebrities. We care about them because they look good, and therefore, we think they are good people. Now, we don’t really consider them as regular everyday humans, but if we do, we would hate it. People will lose faith in a person in general, proving this science of attraction. This is why we constantly see other people calling each other ugly. This is just simply how our society will always act due to the science of attraction.

Now, personally, the affirmative rejects this science of attraction regardless of the fact it is present, this is just being used for the evidence of this debate. All people, regardless of shape or size, will always be good. This is just the proof we provide for the science of attraction in today’s debate, I am just trying to prove my point. It is our natural instinct using, once again, the science of attraction that an ugly person would be evil, but good people can be ugly or beautiful, and evil people can also be beautiful. You might think that the attributions of aesthetics are not present. But, the science of attraction is the most influential thing in a child’s world. Refer for more in the next contention.

Influence on Children

To put it simply, the science of attraction may be something that many adults may disagree with, our media healthy children are greatly affected by this. This idea itself is introduced by adults, because when a kid is growing up, all the fairy tales teach the child of a beautiful king and queen, that stick with us forever. A child’s brain is too sensitive due to the fact they are not developed enough to think rationally. But, even adults struggle with rational thinking. But, because children’s brains are so easy to adapt, they are more influenced by this learning. This is also why school exists, to teach kids specific things since their minds are easily influenced. They are forced to believe in these ideals no matter how right or wrong it may be.

This also affects all of the future generations. When these children grow up and become parents, they will support these ideas in their children and act as positive reinforcement for the ideas. Clearly, children are influenced by the science of attraction

Negative Impact on Children

To put it simply, children will always be affected by the science of attraction and this hurts society as a whole. Many harms come from this. First, in our society, we consider some people ugly, because of societal norms. Because of this, some individuals will try to change their bodies to “fit in” our judgmental society, wasting effort that can be used at being a good civilian in society. Often, these people will never meet our society’s standards. This means that the quest to beauty will never end. This causes self-esteem to be reduced because they think they are not a valuable person because they are not good-looking. This causes more desperate options for enhancing appearance. This causes rise in plastic surgery, breast enlargement, and drugs, as examples. Also, there are more negative thoughts and emotions, leading to more drastic outcomes, such as daily stress. This can cause someone to attempt suicide. This a predatory manipulation and these cause emotional states and insecurities as people use these issues against people for their own good.

Some people are just not ugly. This is obvious in models. The pressure for these individuals to remain the most popular is enormous. Future success is better predicted when one looks young, think and beautiful, since physical attractiveness is correlated to higher pay for the same job. Beautiful people can also suffer issues the same as ugly people. They face several problems. First, these diets are simply unhealthy. Many of these people even have ridiculous medical bills. Also, they can become extremely conceited, looking down to others as “peasants” and they lose their humility. This connect to our constant worry for our social image, making us poor role models for the future and progress. All above considered, the harms of the influence of the science of attraction will always outweigh the benefits.

Thus, it is only rational to conclude that the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior is regrettable. This resolution is affirmed. I look forward to my opponent’s case.

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2017-11-23 23:51:34
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your honoryour honor (PRO)
I am stilling waiting for my opponent's response and argument. I will uphold my arguments found in the first round. Looking forward to the negative argument!!!
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2017-11-29 04:49:19
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your honoryour honor
I wish you the best of luck @Mharman .
Posted 2017-11-22 21:31:20
The judging period on this debate is over

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2017-12-11 20:10:15
MeshhJudge: Meshh
Win awarded to: your honor
Your honor has obviously won this debate due to the fact that Mharman had complications in real life and was unfit to complete this debate. The debate finished with Mharman forfeiting rounds and your honor doing the same giving the victory to your honor.
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2017-12-09 17:08:21
angsonamJudge: angsonam
Win awarded to: your honor

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